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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Society has a range of promotional opportunities to help companies get more exposure in the lead up to and during this virtual event.

All of the companies who had secured an exhibition package at IDLS2021 have been offered the chance to showcase their products in a section of the IDLSoc Virtual Event environment. It is a small way of the Society thanking them for their support.

Any companies who had not secured an exhibition package for IDLS2021 and would like to secure a Sponsor Package for this event can do so.

The IDLSoc Virtual Event benefits and prices can be found below:

* All corporate members are entitled to a 20% discount on the prices shown above
* All prices shown above exclude VAT

New Features available in this year’s sponsorship packages

The 25 Minute Marketing Slot

The 25-minute marketing slot available either prior to or post the actual IDL2021 event.

This year, the Society is putting together a series of 1hr sessions set to take place in different time zones for our members.

  • You can choose your time zone
  • You can choose your topic
  • We will market the event to our members
  • If the event is recorded, we will add the recording to your sponsorship area on the website
Links to your website or virtual stand

Many companies have invested in virtual stands which are accessed from a URL. If you have a virtual stand, we will be happy to link to that stand and highlight the fact it is there. Alternatively, we can include a link to your website.

When does our information appear?

The sponsor’s showcase area of the IDLS2021 website will go live shortly after we have confirmed the sponsors, and they supply us with the content.

Members will be advised via the newsletter of updates to the site and sponsors.

Virtual Exhibition

We are looking at the possibility of a virtual exhibition area and as soon as we have more information about whether this is an option, we will let you know.

If you are interested in taking out a sponsorship package please contact events@idlsocweb.org.