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General Information

IDLS2021 Online

IDLS2021 Online will be taking place from 1st November to 5th November 2021.

Monday 1st November will be the training day. The Training Day will start at 08:00 GMT and run until 22:00 GMT, with a range of courses on offer.

Tuesday 2nd November through to Friday 5th November, there will be a series of 2 hour 15 minute plenary sessions made up of government and technical presentations, demonstrations and a panel.

In addition, this year there will be a series of networking sessions.

The outline of the programme can be viewed on the programme overview page. Full details of the programme will be made available at the beginning of September, with the final details in place by the end of September. This information can be seen in the login area of this site.

There will also be a sponsor showcase section in the online environment, which will allow members to view information about the sponsors of the event, and will include images, videos, and datasheets.

Venues and Dates

The presentations will be streamed live using Zoom, from the 1 November to 5 November 2021, with access to the portal remaining open to delegates until mid-December. The presentations and recordings will then move to the main society site.

Members will be able to register for the event in early September.

Registration Fee

The event is free to all members of the International Data Links Society – you simply need to register. If you are not a member and wish to attend the event, you must apply for membership. Why not join now?

Please note that the applications process includes an approval process. We recommend applying before 22nd October 2021.

Lapsed members, or members in their grace period will need to renew.


To register, click the register button, enter your membership credentials, and tick the box to attend the event. Once completed you will be added to the delegate list.

If your membership is due for renewal you will be redirected to the IDLSoc website to renew. Once you have done this you will be able to register.